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How to play SNES ROMs on Nintendo Wii using Snes9xGx emulator

It is possible to copy all your snes roms to a DVD-R togather with Snes9xGx Super Nintendo emulator files and play these games on Wii without paying for Virtual Console downloads. You do need to have a hacked Wii with a mod-chip that enables home-made applications aka homebrew to run on the Wii, but nowadays is realy easy to buy and install a modchip.

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ZSNES : SNES Emulator

Do you remember the feel of SNES and Super Famicom games? Are you craving to play that Megaman X3 again or zoom through the race tracks of Mario Kart? If you want to go old school and revisit these games via your computer, then head on to and download the latest version of ZSNES : SNES Emulator.

This emulator made by programmers only known as _Demo_ and zsKnight,  will allow you play games solely for SNES and Super Famicom on to your PC.

The ZSNES : SNES Emulator’s initial and official release was in January of 2007 but it has a beta version in the works as of press date. The ZSNES team made this console emulator in English and its license is General Public License (free for all).

For the ZSNES : SNES Emulator, you have to make sure that you have the latest Microsoft DirectX release, either 8.0 or higher to experience the full capacity of this emulator. The ZSNES : SNES Emulator was made in assembly so it allows the use to play SNES games at an amazing speed, while giving you great acoustics and decent visuals. And even though it is a fantastic emulator for SNES games, the ZSNES team is still working to improve the current installment. This is the reason why a lot of SNES fans may prefer this than the Snes9x, which is also a pretty neat SNES emulator.

+ For playing GAMEBOY Pokemon games ge the Pokemon emulator free download.

The ZSNES : SNES Emulator was originally made for DOS but it can now work across all operating systems. Other platforms like Window, Mac OSX for Intel, Linux and Free BSD can now also use this Super Nintendo emulator.

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